Oh for a leaky gearbox!

Since using GurneyGoo, I’ve not had any more chafing or blister problems,… except for the time I forgot to put it on!

It was a mid summer training run...

...3 hours out on the remote Godley Head trails in Christchurch. After 2 hours of hot dry running, I was desperately chafing in my crotch. I’d tried using water, I tried saliva, even tried running naked, (it’s remote out there mid-week, no other humans) but the damage had been done. Raw and angry chafing on my inner thighs! I ended up running spread legged, like I’d spent my whole life riding horses! I was desperately in pain.

Then at my half-way point, there’s a remote carpark, and there was a car parked there today!… (turns out I wasn’t the only human) But there was not a soul to be seen. They must be out running or walking too. Desperate for something to relieve the chafing, I tried the doors to search inside for some crème,… sunscreen, hand lotion, salad dressing, anything! But the car was locked. So I grovelled around under the car looking for any old oil or grease that may have oozed or leaked from the engine or suspension parts.

The only oil I managed to mine was some dusty, gritty muck from around the sump, which instead of helping the problem acted like grinding paste and, even worse, caused an infection over the following days.

I’ve never left home without my GurneyGoo since.